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News Briefs

A summary of all the latest news in the Islamic finance education space from around the world.

Cover Story

UAE Islamic banks: Empowering women and enhancing Emiratization

It may be viewed as the most stressful industry to be working in but this is not stopping the throng of fresh graduates and jobseekers from swarming into the UAE’s increasingly competitive banking and finance sector, one that is becoming the...


How to create a resume that will get you noticed by Islamic finance employers

Kicking off your career in Islamic finance starts with landing that first interview. While attaining the relevant qualifications is essential, your resume is equally crucial to get the attention of your potential employer. This winning document is...

Industry Insight

So you want to manage a private equity portfolio but what does it take?

The goal of an equity manager is to invest in a variety of opportunities that will meet the strategic objective of their portfolio. Each asset class has a unique relative risk and return and time horizon characteristics, with private equity being...